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Your initial consultation is aimed at establishing the cause of your problems and will consist of a thorough written case history dealing with your past and current medical history to include an appropriate physical medical examination. Whenever possible treatment will be given at your first visit, although x – rays, MRI or other investigations may be necessary to help establish a diagnosis for your condition.

 Not everyone who presents with back pain has a spinal problem as other conditions can produce or mimic back and neck pain. It is so important to provide the right treatment for your problem and this makes an accurate diagnosis so vital.

Osteopathic treatment is composed of a series of skilled procedures, which are performed to increase the range of joint mobility and thereby reduce the level of pain and discomfort from which you are suffering.
Treatment itself is not painful but it is possible to experience slight reactions of muscular stiffness following certain treatment procedures.

Advice will be offered regarding your posture, hobbies and how to adapt your work place to suit your problem. Dietary advice can also be given both for weight loss as well as for health and this plays an important part of the holistic approach of osteopathy alongside relaxation exercises and postural advice. Your treatment session involves individual and undivided attention to you personally.

What do we offer
  • A detailed appropriate physical examination
  • A diagnosis
  • Experienced qualified osteopathic treatment
  • Second opinions in difficult cases based on experience
  • Laser treatment for soft tissue injury
  • Referral for X-Ray when needed
  • Referral for MRI when necessary
  • Referral to other medical specialists when needed
  • With individual undivided attention to you the patient