Jeremy M Kenton  N.D. D.O.   
Expert Medical Witness  
Medical Broadcaster  
telephone 603 831 567 or 965 641 232

Welcome to this practice which has been established since 1979 when Jeremy Kenton qualified. Since then he has been involved in the care and treatment of many thousands of patients both privately and within the NHS. In private practice in Harley Street, London for over 30 years he numbers many high profile and well known people amongst his patient list.
With nearly 40 years experience he is a highly regarded specialist in the field of osteopathy and musculo-skeletal medicine treating problems ranging from neck, back pain through to complicated arthritic conditions and unsuccesful spinal surgery cases. He is often consulted for second opinions by patients as well as other osteopaths and receives regular referrals from doctors.
Jeremy has lectured extensively both in Europe and the United Kingdom and also broadcast on health topics on national and local radio and television.
The practice is now located in Javea in Spain an hour from Alicante and Valencia on the beautiful Costa Blanca.

Jeremy Kenton qualified in 1979 and since then has taken a particular interest in Medico-legal work with over 38 years experience.
In that time he has provided Medico-legal reports for many solicitors and Insurance companies. Acting for both claimant or defence and trained as a Single Joint Expert. Additional work has been performed with him providing opinion on criminal cases for defence and the Crown on a number of high profile cases. He has also acted on a number of occasions as expert in disciplinary and Professional Conduct Committee hearings both for defence and The General Osteopathic Council.
He has written and lectured extensively on medico-legal issues in relation to personal injury and osteopathic ethics.


The phrase “prevention is better than cure” could not be truer when applied to the human frame. The jobs, hobbies and sports that we do all influence our posture and can lead to pain and problems.
The poor posture at work, constantly repeated movements at a machine or even consistently getting in and out of your car seat wrongly can all build up to problems in the future.
The Human state of health should be about EQUILIBRIUM a state of balance where our range of mobility should be free, our posture correct and balanced and pain free. Regrettably this is not always possible which is where Osteopathy can help to redress that state of equilibrium.


Jeremy is regarded as an entertaining and informative broadcaster on health issues and regularly broadcasts on TV and Radio


"Jeremy is a very fine Osteopath with particular skills in teaching and as an expert witness in osteopathic legal affairs. He is also an elegant and expressive broadcaster. The strongest recommendation I can make is, as a fellow osteopath, I would be delighted to be treated by him. One of the best of his generation and a great credit to the profession." Barrie Savory Osteopath August 2014

Jeremy is an extremely experienced clinician. My treatments with him were always effective. Having worked in the expert-legal field he is well placed to give impartial & very helpful advice. He has a vast range of treatment methods, no matter what physical condition patients may find themselves in. I would not hesitate in recommending his services. Jackie Barnes June 2014

I was told that I would never work again as a nurse due to the pain I suffered and that there was no treatment available to help me. After treatment with Mr Kenton I was walking, working and am now a matron in a private hospital. I cannot thank him enough. Mary Wade 2002

If it had not been for Jeremys diagnosis of Hodgkins lymphoma I would not be alive today. I went to see him with what I thought was back pain and he spotted that my problem needed urgent medical attention. He arranged for me to see a specialist and treatment started that same day. I thank him and so do my children who still have a father. Colin Petrides 1998

"Jeremy's knowledge of his profession is second to none. His vast and impressive history sets him among the very top in his profession. I would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone, friends and colleagues alike." Tracey Brady 2014

My husband and I and our children and grandchildren have all seen him and would see nobody else. His diagnosis is always correct and he will always refer elsewhere when there is a need. He has kept our family and friends free from pain for years. Mary Seeger 1997

Jeremy has, for some decades, made outstanding contributions to the profession. He was able to bring a breath of fresh air and light touch to proceedings when the profession was inward looking. Moreover, He was part of a small band who encouraged the profession towards unity and eventual statutory regulation. I thoroughly recommend Jeremy for his ability to articulate ideas clearly to all, a task that most of us find difficult to master. His broadcasting skills are a masterclass in communication. John O Brien Osteopath 2015

I have been treated by Jeremy on a number of occasions for severe back pain resulting from a car accident to pain relief during pregnancy as well as neck whiplash injuries. He is a truly professional expert and gentleman diagnosing precisely the exact treatment to administer explaining with great clarity how the treatment will be administered and producing excellent results of full pain free recovery. Catherine Slade 2014

"I worked for Jeremy for a couple of years as his receptionist/secretary. During this time I met all his extremely satisfied patients , I also had the privilege of receiving treatment for a whiplash injury and an old collarbone misplacement. He was and is always very knowledgeable, professional, sympathetic and extremely competent." Kim Sharpington 2014

Osteopathic treatment is composed of a series of skilled procedures, which are performed to increase the range of joint mobility and thereby reduce the level of pain and discomfort from which you are suffering.
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